Hiking Jvari Monastery

Merging Rivers, Mtskheta, Georgia

Mtskheta is a fantastic and easy day-trip from Tbilisi, and Jvari Monastery is one of its premier attractions. Hiking up to the hilltop church is an especially fun and rewarding way to experience it. Unfortunately, the route isn’t terribly well-marked. But it is easy, once you know where to look! First,…

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Rezo Gabriadze Theatre, Tbilisi, Georgia

March 2 – April 3, 2018 (Start of spring) Moving to Tbilisi after snowy Skopje fast-forwarded us into spring. The chilly March wind started to soften, trees budded and then bloomed, and everywhere the city creaked back to life. We balanced soul-warming carbs and cheese with the first fresh fruits…

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