About Us

We set out simply to save money and see a bit of the world while we were at it. Maybe you know the “digital nomad” story: leave our home, sell our stuff, travel the globe, work from the road. During our preparations, we did our homework reading travel blog after travel blog from bubbly, outgoing people. We gained some valuable insights, but we had a hard time identifying with the authors. We don’t consider ourselves drifters or tramps or vagabonds. We tried to be explorers, but it turns out most of the places we visit have already been discovered.

It so happens that we didn’t have to be any of those things. We could be our regular introvert selves – peaceful walks, homecooked meals, quiet nights in – just, somewhere else. International introverts.

In December 2015 we left our apartment in Seattle and set out for parts unknown. We adventure and sightsee and wander from time to time, but mostly we simply live, work, and play in home after home… away from home.



Kevin is a game designer and developer and the founder of indie studio Rumor Games, where he gets to combine his childhood loves of video games and science (especially space exploration). He likes trying on new countries every month to see how they fit. Constant travel brings out the best in him – the forced minimalism emphasizes simple pleasures like long walks, sampling an incredible world of beers and wines, and ruining restaurants for his wife by cooking better and cheaper at home. His hobbies include making dad jokes (despite not yet being a dad) and avoiding unnecessary social interaction.

Bucket list: Svalbard, South Island of New Zealand





Danielle works remotely. She grew up on a farm in the Midwest and rarely ventured past the property line, let alone international borders. She fell in love with travel (and Kevin) on a cross-country road trip, and there was no going back. Moving to Seattle crystallized more new loves: hiking, seafood, wine, and seeing ground exist in more than two dimensions. Through it all, two things have not changed: she is a rapacious reader, and her guilty pleasure will always be chocolate. She prefers discovering new places on foot, slipping down side-streets and through parks to avoid crowds in favor of a more local experience.

Bucket list: Bhutan, Banff, hiking the Hoh River Trail to Mt. Olympus





The newest awayfarer, Kieran had been to more than half a dozen countries before he was even born and had two passports before his first birthday. His favorite activities include stacking blocks, being read to, and falling asleep to the dulcet tones of Qumu video game remixes.

Bucket list: We’ll let you know when he can talk

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