Superlatives: The Sequel

Little Prince at Scale, Chisinau, Moldova

The best (and worst) of everything (since last time) When we compiled a list of the best and worst of everything on our trip to date, 1000 days of travel seemed like an extraordinary amount of time, a milestone we never imagined possible when we set out. Well now we’ve doubled…

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Favorite Dumb Pictures

Free Entry!, Kotor, Montenegro

In celebration of 2000 days as digital nomads, here’s a bunch of our favorite embarrassing photos. We also wrote a companion piece/update to our 1000 day celebration the best (and worst) of everything on our trip to date, both of which are far more meaningful and you should read them before…

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Year 3 by the Numbers

Christmas Math, Ljubljana, Slovenia

Before setting out around the world, we thought we were saving money to support ourselves in Seattle. But that area was so expensive. Our rent inched toward $2,000 per month, excluding utilities. Number crunching revealed our money would last longer if we gave up our apartment and lived on the road.…

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Making Causa, Lima, Peru

The best (and worst) of everything on our trip to date – After 1000 days of travel, we take a look back on our favorite stays, sights, and snacks, and others that were… less enjoyable. Though we’ve found it trying at times, living out of backpacks and moving each month has been…

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A digital nomad’s review of Microsoft Surface

Surface Workspace

Digital nomading comes with some pretty demanding requirements on computing hardware. A good laptop needs to be portable but powerful, versatile, robust and reliable. It should work effortlessly in a wide range of conditions. And if the worst were to happen, it should be easy and inexpensive to repair. Unfortunately,…

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Chase & Card Benefit Services

Chase Sapphire Preferred Card

The Chase Sapphire Preferred card is one of the most-recommended¹ cards for frequent travelers² – a category we definitely fall into – on account of its good rewards program, no foreign transaction fees, and suite of “premium” benefits³. We picked one up before we started traveling and put our major pre-trip…

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Popular Tourist Attractions Worth Braving the Crowds For

Naga Protecting Directions Wat Phrathat Doi Suthep, Chiang Mai, Thailand

(And the quiet spots to escape to afterward) Not every crowded tourist attraction is worth the trouble – ever see the Mona Lisa in person? But some definitely earn their fame and attention. These are the most important sites not to skip, in spite of the pressing masses of people.…

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The World’s Best Castles (According to Us)

Castelo de Sao Jorge, Lisbon, Portugal

We visit a lot of different attractions on our travels, but we never pass up a castle. There aren’t a lot of them where we’re from. In fact, many of these ancient stone structures predate our entire country. Looking over those walls, imaging fantastic battles from history or fable and…

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