Chiang Mai

Happy New Year, Chiang Mai, Thailand

December 8, 2015 – January 5, 2016 (Height of “cool” season) Contemplating our first stop as digital nomads, we had no idea where to begin. But after peeking around other travel blogs and online resources, one name quickly rose to the top of the pile: Chiang Mai. This mid-sized city in Northern Thailand…

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Schengen Explained

Most countries have fairly straightforward visa (or visa-free) arrangements↗,where an entry stamp serves as permission to stay in the country for X amount of time. A month, 90 days, whatever. The Schengen Area↗ is different. Encompassing 26 European nations, the area abolishes most passport controls between the member countries. This means that, once a visitor has permission to enter one Schengen country, they can freely travel to any other as long as their visa is valid. It’s a common travel area. But there is a catch. The terms of the visa are more complicated than most countries, and make it basically impossible to repeatedly renew a travel visa (for example by visa run↗).

A Schengen visa permits guests to stay for only 90 days in a 180 day period. This means that a three month stay must be followed by three months away before a visitor will be allowed to re-enter the area. There are other configurations that could work (one month on, one month off, rinse and repeat), but for anyone considering a long-term nomadic lifestyle, these limits provide a challenging barrier to extended stay in Europe.

Alternatives that would allow longer stays (student visa, work & residency permits, etc) would require picking a country and settling down, so as long as we want to keep moving, we have to keep Schengen-hacking (which is a dorky way of saying we have to leave sometimes).

About Us

We are Kevin and Danielle Tarchenski, a pair of introverts that travel the world. Why? To save money, have fun, maybe learn a thing or two. We love to work from the road and write about our adventures. Most of all, we enjoy living simply: peaceful walks, homecooked meals, quiet nights in – wherever we make our home this month.

Sidewalk etiquette

Sidewalk Etiquette

Pushy salespeople

Pushy Salespeople

Mystery kitchen

Since not every kitchen apartment is created equal, we sometimes have to improvise. Often important cookware or utensils are missing, even major appliances. We often try to include a low-to-moderate-effort but delicious dish that we pulled off with out limited facilities. Not necessarily gourmet, just a nice meal that doesn’t take all day. This stop’s “mystery kitchen” recipe is…